National ResoRocket Steel Resonator Guitar Pre-Owned 2014 ID-8134

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National ResoRocket Steel Resonator Guitar Pre-Owned 2014

The folks at National Reso-Phonic have a reputation for building reissues and replicas of classic National resonators of the 20's and 30's with painstaking detail and accurac. However, the ResoRocket is a shining example of the progression and innovation that National is also known for. The National ResoRocket is one of our newly designed single resonator guitars.  This model incorporates a redesigned coverplate pattern to complement the distinctive Tricone-style grill work. The upper bout has been modified for easier access to the higher frets.

The National ResoRocket Steel is designed from the ground up. It has been built with a focus on the faithful players needs. The ResoRocket has a distinct tone unlike a typical single or tricone designs; drawing from both in a special way. The cone itself is a single standard 9.5 National with biscuit bridge. But, the top and coverplate is designed with tricone stylings.

The open upper grills lend to a dynamic sound, but with more of the single cone focus, projection, and volume. The ResoRocket has ample volume and an The resulting blend is unique and versatile. It easily switches from open-tuning slide to western swing. Adding to the versatility, the ResoRocket is built with a graceful cutaway. Thus, finally allowing easy access to the upper register.

This guitar has it all! The tone has amazing sustaining power, with bell clear harmonics and
smooth, vibrant volume. Yet they really have commanding 'punch'. The cutaway makes for easy access up the neck without sacricing any tone from the insrument from the loss of body mass. This paired with the vintage aesthetics makes for one special resonator. Don't miss out on the chance to add this to your collection.

This National ResoRocket Steel Pre-Owned 2014 is in Mint Condition. It has no wear to mention. This instrument was very well looked after and taken care of.

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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National ResoRocket