National Style 1.5 Tricone Polished Nickel Brass Body Guitar Pre-Owned 2018 ID-13371

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25 21/32"
Nut Width:

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National Style 1.5 Tricone Polished Nickel Brass Body Guitar

The National Style 1.5 Tricone shares many of its features with the original National Tricone created by the Dopyera brothers in the late 1920s. This beauty has, as John Dopyera himself once said, "Tone that flows like a river."

The brass body is polished to a mirror-like shine, nickel plated, and etched with a custom two line purfling along the top, side, and back. The tone of brass is unmatched - that's why it has been used for decades.

A hand-engraved, double-cut wriggle pattern borders the top, sides, and back of the body. The position markers have been upgraded to mother-of-pearl diamonds. It has an engraved ivoroid headstock overlay with a matching heel cap.

The tricone design is perfect for players who focus on open tunings and slide. The beauty of the design is the increased sustain without sacrificing any volume. Classic players like Tampa Red heavily relied on the original National Tricone, and he would be pleased to have this one in his hands.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ no wear or tear to mention.

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