National Style O Single Cone Brass Guitar w/ Bright Nickel Finish & Lightning Bolt Pre-Owned 2015 ID-13117

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National Style O Bright Nickel Plated Brass with Lightning Bolt Design

There is an art to reproducing guitars from a by-gone era. At National Resophonic guitars, they make it look easy. Every so often, the designers at National go back through dusty catalogs and find special models to recreate. Based on the Style O 12 fret design, with a bright nickel finish and brass body, this Style O with Lightning Bolts is one such fantastic creation. Similar to the iconic Style O 14 with Palm Trees and a Volcano design, the Lightning Bolt features etchings along the sides and back inspired by art deco forms.

Along the sides, music notes greet the player like an advertisement to play it.  Etched on the front and back, a series of striking Lightning Bolts ellude to the famous line "Power Without the Plug." It is as powerful in sound as it is in imagery.

Like the classic Style O's, all modern National's include an in-house spun AlNiCo National Cone. Created with a few more modern creature comforts, like the modified V neck profile, 16:1 geared tuners, and an adjustable truss rod, this National will play better than the classics.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ only light scratches throughout the top and back.

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National Style O