National Style O Ukulele Hand Engraved Wild Rose and Rubbed Nickel Finish Pre-Owned 2013 ID-12784

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National Style O Ukulele Hand Engraved Wild Rose and Rubbed Nickel Finish

The National Style O Ukulele is hand-engraved with the "Wild Rose" design on the body, coverplate, and handrest and is an instantly eye-catching feature.  The position markers have been upgraded to mother-of-pearl diamonds for an extra touch of class.  The ebony headstock overlay has an inlaid mother-of-pearl engraved National shield.

The brass body is coated with a bright nickel plating and has a custom rubbed nickel finish.  These ukuleles are about as loud as you can imagine any uke can be... all while maintaining a pure, sweet, and round ukulele tone.

When you pick up a National resonator ukulele and begin playing, you can instantly see the reasons why players prefer Nationals over any other brand of resonator ukulele.The volume and tone delivered by this ukulele almost sounds like it has it’s own rhythm section built in. Even the simplest rhythm passages take on a supercharged quality with this unique uke.

This Pre-Owned Uke is in Excellent Condition with no scratches of dings to note.

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