Northfield NF-F5S Mandolin w/ Adirondack & Figured Maple Pre-Owned 2016 ID-12390

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13 7/8"
Nut Width:
1 1/8"
Adirondack Spruce
Figured Maple

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Northfield S Series

The Northfield S Series mandolins aim to be an elegantly understated version of their master model instruments; serving up the same signature tone, projection and construction. Each mandolin is made of select tone woods and built by the same team and approach. The lacquer finish on these instruments is made to be stronger than the more delicate spirit varnish, yet still be very thin as to not inhibit vibration and dampen the liveliness of the instrument. If you've been looking for a northfield instrument in a more straight-ahead, readily available version, without the need for custom options, the "S" series instruments are a perfect fit for you!

Northfield Instruments

"Our company is owned together as a group, with each member investing and each member sharing in the rewards. This makes us the same as many traditional shops and very, very different from most of the current international business ventures in the music industry. It’s simple, we all take responsibility for our small company’s work—so we all share in the results, good or bad. Aligning our interests, even those related to paying the bills, has meant a great deal to our development as a team and as friends.

There are many players using our instruments throughout the country. Some of them are multiple Grammy award winners, some of them are just good pickers that have come across our instruments at festivals and performances. The list of players is growing all the time and making friends is even more fun than making mandolins!" -(

This Pre-Owned Mandolin is in Good Condition w/ scratches throughout the body, and haziness on the back.