One Control Persian Green Overdrive Pedal ID-12348

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One Control Persian Green Overdrive Pedal

The Persian Green Screamer is able to create contradicting sounds; a vintage ‘tube screamer’ sound and a modern overdrive sound thanks to some BJF magic. Switching between two contradicting sounds has never been easier. Simply slide the switch between Vintage & Modern mode.


  • Input impedance: 500K
  • Output impedance: 10K
  • Drive voltage: 9V
  • S/N ratio: -100dBm
  • Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protruding parts)
  •    47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protruding parts)
  • Weight: Approx. 160 grams
  • True-Bypass Switching
  • High Quality Aluminum Enclosure
  • Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

Bjorn's Description

A Screaming History
To become the world standard, it's essential to use high-quality parts that are universally available. We did exactly this, Have no fear guys, we intend to be around for another 100 years. With this being said, this pedal is a combination of 100 years’ worth of designs. Some famous guitarists have said that this is the best screamer they've ever used. Let me explain how all of this happened...

Nearly all effect builders have produced a screamer circuit, yet they are all very similar. However, mine is extremely different. By incorporating a dual Op Amp and symmetrical diode clipping, the Persian Green Screamer has become the new standard in screamer pedals. Tube-screamer circuitry is renowned for its flexibility due to its endless creative options by adjusting a few variables. While its strong mid tone is obviously useful, too much exposure to it may bore users.

But are uses sick of this sound? The answer is NO.