Trade-In's & Consignments


If you are searching for immediate gratification in upgrading your guitar, we are pleased to offer up to 70% of the current market value.


If you want the highest value for your guitar instead of a trade, you may prefer to place your instrument with us on consignment. We have a great reputation for consignment sales, though with limited display space we are selective about instruments we might accept. With a large group of fans dedicated to our brands, any guitar from our builders would be preferable to our world-wide clientele for a quick sale.

Consignment details for your consideration:
  •  Consignment fee 20% of final selling price
  •  Inspecting, detailing, restringing, etc. services are all included at no additional charge
  •  Optional 3rd Party Listings: Selling fees associated with listings on 3rd party platforms (in example, our Reverb store) carry an additional seller's fee
  •  Our term for consignment agreements is a minimum of 60 days
  •  Upon sale, proceeds for your consignment will be dispersed approximately 30 days after the sale is final
  •  Insured shipping rates apply upon cancellation of a consignment agreement for return of an instrument
Reduced Commission Rate Options:
  •  When purchasing a new or used instrument, you may place a consignment with us at a reduced commission rate of 10% (eligible within 30 days of your purchase, or during the term of your layaway, or during the build time for a custom order)
  •  The 10% rate applies to final sales value equal to or less than your purchase; our standard 20% commission rate will apply to any difference over the amount of your purchase
  •  All other details listed above apply, regarding term, payout after sale, and any return shipping, etc.
Evaluating your Trade or Consignment:

While we subscribe to annual industry pricing journals, the true value of any instrument will be based on its condition compared with similar models currently available within the marketplace. We will conduct a market study to find supporting data for average retail sales pricing. If you are awaiting a trade offer, please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to conduct our market evaluation.

One final note… Your instrument is well cared for while in our shop. We do not allow visitors to handle instruments without assistance from our staff. We make frequent inspections and string changes so that your instrument is always in top condition for a prospective buyer. Your guitar is fully insured while in our possession, and during transit to its new owner.

To request your market evaluation and submit information about your Trade or Consignment Click HERE
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