Pono MN-20 Octave Mandolin Pre-Owned 2016 ID-13234

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Nut Width:
1 3/8"
Englemann Spruce

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Pono MN-20 Octave Mandolin

The new Pono Octave Mandolins are a product of the combination of Pono guitars design blended with mandolin tuning. They all have 8 strings. And they make two sizes. One is a small body, utilizing a similar design of their UL 11 1/4″ parlor guitar body. Scale length is 21 1/2″. And a larger 13 5/8″ body similar in design to the BN Tenor Guitar. Scale length is 23″

Each model is made to accomodate either mandolin tuning GDAE or guitar tuning DGBE. As an Octave Mandolin they use four sets of unison gauged strings. Two wound, and two plain. As a Tenor 8-String Guitar, they use string gauges similar to the top 8 strings of a 12-string guitar. So pair #4 and pair #3 (D and G) are in octaves, and then pair #2 and pair #1 are in unison.

Of course other options are possible, as long as the integrity of the body and neck are compatible with string tensions.

Mandolin players everywhere can rejoice in this beautifully designed octave mandolin with limitless tonal options compared to a normal mandolin! This larger scale octave mandolin rings clear and powerful with a rich sounding englemann top & mahogany back & sides.

This Pre-Owned Octave Mandolin is in Very Good Condition w/ only light scratches, and some shiny finish under the soundhole.