Pre Owned 2013 National ResoPhonic NRP Steel 12 Fret Hand Rubbed Nickel ID-8086

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Pre Owned 2013 National ResoPhonic NRP Steel 12 Fret Hand Rubbed Nickel

This Pre Owned 2013 National ResoPhonic NRP Steel 12 Fret Hand Rubbed Nickel is in excellent + condition with some slight play wear  showing on the top and back. We have attempted to capture this wear in the detailed photos below. It has no fretwear and includes the original hardshell case.

The new NRP from National is built from light gauge steel and features a "nickel rubbed finish" (same as the cover plate on the El Trovador models), and priced the same as their NRP painted models.

The rubbed finish is desirable for two reasons... It has a vintage look, and it doesn't show fingerprints. For years we have ordered this finish as an option on otherwise highly polished nickel finishes, and it looks good and wears well. This finish usually carries a $300 upcharge on other models like the ResoRocket Style N, and the Style 1 Tricone, so we expect it to be very popular.

The thin-gauge steel body is highlighted by rolled f-holes, a formed back, and traditional ribbed sieve-hole coverplate. The thin-gauge steel provides increased resonance over the traditional thicker steel bodies.  Chords are rich and complex with slight overtones, for a pronounced note quality that allows it to shine when played with one of our Diamond Slides. It sustains, and has a beautiful roundness to each note.

When you pick up a National NRP resonator guitar and begin playing, you can instantly see the reasons why players prefer Nationals over any other brand of resonator guitar. They are not only easyto hold and play, the volume and tone delivered almost sounds like it has it’s own rhythm section built in. Even the simplest rhythm and lead passages take on a supercharged quality.

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National ResoPhonic NRP Steel