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Collings 360 LT M Aged Burgundy Mist w/ Mastery Bridge & Aged Hardware Pre-Owned 2017 ID-13191


Collings 360

Collings is admittedly building some of the finest acoustic guitars that have ever been built. When they decided to take on the challenge of building electric guitars, at the onset, this may have seemed an easier task. After all, electric guitars have no bracing, no acoustic waves to study, and acoustic players are known to be a finicky bunch when compared to our electric brethren.

Well, 70 prototypes and a year later, they felt they had finally formulated the electric guitar they would want to build. In the process Collings conceptualized the iconic electric guitar in a new light, developing a new standard for fit, finish, innovation, and most importantly tone.

This 360 LTM pairs the comfortable offset contours and set neck of the 360 model with a level top. This guitar features a bridge and tremolo system from Mastery, a maker of cutting edge hardware components for offset-style guitars.

From Lollar :

Fender Jazzmaster® pickups are often assumed to be only useful for surf music. They also produce an excellent range of tones for blues and rock n' roll as evidenced by legendary Jazzmaster® guitar players including Mickey Baker, Don Wilson, Nels Cline, J. Mascis and Thurston Moore.

The Lollar Jazzmaster® style pickups have a tone that falls somewhere between a Strat's sparkle and chime and a Les Paul's midrange and bass. Its fat tone comes from the Jazzmaster's® large surface area as compared with a Strat pickup, which has a more focused, bell-like tone The detailed treble the Jazzmaster® gets is partly due to its single-coil design and the way its rod magnets are used as individual pole pieces.

For a detailed exploration at these pickups, read Jason Lollar's article, Jazzmaster Pickups and the Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, to get the nitty-gritty on the wide range of tones the pickup produces, helpful modifications, idiosyncrasies, and a bit of history on the Fender Jazzmaster® — including why it's one of Jason's favorite guitar designs.

With such superb tone, playability and aesthetics this Collings 360 LTM is able to pull off an array of different tone. This is the perfect guitar to add to any players collection!!

Includes Hardshell Case.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Excellent Condition w/ no wear or tear to mention.

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Collings 360


Shipping Weight: 20

Serial: 36017508

Top Wood: Ash

Back Wood: Ash

Nut Width: 1 11/16"

Scale: 24 7/8"

Inlays: White Dots

Neck Wood: Flamed Maple

Fretboard: Rosewood 12" Radius

Nut Material: Delrin

Bridge: Mastery Offset Bridge and Offset Vibrato

Tuners: Nickel Gotoh SG301 tuners w/ vintage-style buttons 1:18 ratio

Pickguard: Mint Green

Headstock Shape: Unbound "Haircut" headstock

Headstock Overlay: Burgundy Mist

Headstock Inlay: Collings Logo

Neck Profile: C Shape

Pickup(s): Lollar Jazzmaster P90's

Pickup Controls: 1 volume 1 Tone

Case: Deluxe Collings Hardshell Case

Misc. 1: Aged Burgundy Mist Finish

Misc. 2: Aged Hardware

Misc. 3: Long mortise and tenon neck joint w/contoured heel

Misc. 5: CTS 500K / Jupiter Vintage Yellow

Misc. 7: Weight: 7.4 lbs