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Collings Ukulele Custom UT2 Tenor Figured Mahogany with Doghair Finish ID-8213


Collings Ukulele Custom UT2 Tenor Figured Mahogany with Doghair Finish

Collings ukuleles are truly a joy to play and produces a focused, crisp and delicate sound with emphasis on the midrange which is thicker in the low mid and high mids.

The UT2 is Collings 2-style mahogany tenor ukulele. This custom UT2 comes with the Collings trademark ''haircut'' peghead shape and ivoroid body binding. With mahogany top, back and side wood, the beauty of its wood is enhanced by a custom black doghair finish, making this one of our favorite of all the Collings Ukulele models!

The gorgeous custom UT2 features a Doghair finsh, Ivoroid binding as well as Ebony fretboard and bridge. This combination brings the looks of this Uke to a whole new level... certainly worthy of taking to the stage with a fancy Manuel suit!

How did Collings produce this gorgeous doghair finish?

Initially the guitar is sprayed black, and then white grain filler is applied. Timing is critical as the filler dries very quickly and excess must be removed while it is still wet. Sanding is out of the question as this would remove the black coat. It is lacquered using polyurethane for the base coat and then nitrocellulose for the latter layers. To accentuate this beautiful finish we have chosen to use a piece of solid carved Mahogany on the top as opposed to the standard Maple. The result is another one of a kind masterpiece from Colling's guitars.

The Mahogany chosen for this particular ukulele has an extremely intense grain pattern so it is an excellent choice for the custom Doghair finish. On close examination we decided to call it a 'Stone Washed' Doghair - kind of like their Faded Cherry, it shows off the grain pattern that Mother Nature created in this very special set of Mahogany!

Collings Ukes also feature a highly innovative tuning system by Pegheds. These tuners are geared and offer much more control and stability than traditional friction tuners. The 4:1 gear reduction allows strings to be tuned more easily and accurately than traditional wood pegs (or Caspari-type mechanisms which require screw drivers or special keys).

Tune confidently and securely with the left hand while playing open strings; even during performance! PEGHEDS tuners return the fine-tuning function to pegs. Strings slide more freely over the smooth, wide nut than over the comparatively sharp edge of the bridge, where stress is concentrated and equilibrium of tension on either side is more difficult to achieve.

Additional custom appointments include Ivoroid Binding on the body and fingerboard, ebony trim, rope purfling, pearloid veneer with etched binding, and a gorgeous pearloid pickguard. The tone is all Collings... incredible volume, playability and larger than life uke sound!

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Collings UT2 Tenor Ukulele - All Mahogany


Shipping Weight: 20 lbs

Serial: U1468

Top Wood: Mahogany

Back Wood: Figured Mahogany

Nut Width: 1 3/8"

Scale: 17"

Inlays: Dots

Rosette: Ivoroid

Neck Wood: Mahogany

Fretboard: Ebony

Nut Material: Bone

Saddle Material: Bone

Saddle Spacing: 1.73"

Bridge: Ebony

Tuners: Geared Ukulele Tuners by Pegheds

Purfling: Rope

Body Binding: Ivoroid

Fretboard Binding: Ivoroid

Headstock Binding: Etched

Pickguard: Pearloid

Headstock Shape: Solid Haircut

Headstock Overlay: Pearloid Veneer

Headstock Inlay: Collings Logo

Frets To Body: 13

Neck Profile: "C" shape neck

Body Depth: 2 3/8"

Lower Bout Width: 8 5/8"

Body Length: 12"

Total Length: 26 1/2"

Case: Hardshell Case Included

Misc. 1: Doghair Finish

Misc. 2: Rope Purfling

FP Featured - Line 1: Collings Ukulele Custom UT2 Tenor Figured Mahogany with Doghair Finish

FP Featured - Line 2: Collings Ukulele Custom UT2 Tenor Figured Mahogany with Doghair Finish