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K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Volume Control ID - 4843

K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Volume Control

The K&K Pure Mini is a passive system for steel string guitar, with three pickup heads, a in-soundhole volume control, and an endpin jack. The Pure Mini is a transducer system only. It does not include a battery or on-board electronics. Don't be fooled by the sound of some competitors' "thin sounding" passive systems--the Pure Systems are definitely different. They sound full and rich and have sufficient output to drive most amps and PA systems directly!

The Pure Mini (or standard size) with Volume Control combines the Pure Mini pickup with an adjustable thumb wheel lightweight volume control element which peel-and-stick installs on the inner edge of the soundhole. The added volume control element is a passive device. No batteries, no soldering, no drilling required! If you want a volume control on your guitar without cutting a hole in your valuable instrument, this is the solution.

This pickup system will fit any steel string acoustic guitar! It features super balanced, flat sound transmission, warm woody tone without any quack and superior dynamic range all over the guitar's frequency spectrum. This pickup won the silver medal in the 2006 worldwide readers' poll of "Acoustic Guitar Magazine". Our customers tell us that the Pure Western's output is louder than any other passive pickup on the market.

What are the advantages of the Pure pickups over undersaddle pickups?

The special Pure surface transducers transmit a significant portion of the soundboard because they are not as close to the strings as an undersaddle pickup. An undersaddle pickup mostly amplifies the sound made by the guitar strings. There will not be much difference in sound if you play a cheap $50 guitar or a handcrafted $5,000 instrument. With the Pure Western pickups, not only are each of the three transducers designed to pick up a specific string pair, but they also "listen" to the sound of your soundboard. The transducer elements are not under pressure and therefore do NOT sound percussive or harsh or quacky no matter if you play hard or soft. The Pure Western reproduces all strings nicely balanced. Undersaddle pickups often have problems with string-to-string balance. Unlike undersaddle pickups which passively often sound thin and trebled-only, the passive Pure Western puts out a nicely balanced, warm, full range signal.

About the Volume Control

Our Volume Control is a non-destructive, plug-and-play addition to any single-source passive internal transducer system, like a Pure Pickup, FanTaStick, Twin Spot, or Big Twin.

You can order it as an integrated element with any single-source passive pickup, or as an Add-On for an existing pickup. Simply unscrew the existing endpin jack, remove it from the endpin hole, and plug it into the 1/4" plug of the Volume Control Add-On. The 1/4" plug has a self-adhesive fastener, which can be secured inside the guitar. The lightweight thumbwheel control mounts with a peel-and-stick installation to the inner edge of the soundshole. Mount the new endpin jack into the endpin hole, and you're done!

This passive volume control works without a battery. It does not boost the volume, but it allows you to turn the pickup signal down.

It functions best when the input impedance of the device you plug your guitar into is 1 Mega Ohm (preamp/amp or mixing board-channel). If this input impedance deviates by a large amount (i.e. 100 Kilo Ohms or 10 Mega Ohms), you may experience diminished range (from "full volume" to "off" within a 1/3rd rotation) or, in extreme cases, a slight hum when the potentiometer is at middle position. This is a normal phenomenon when passive potentiometers are used with piezo based pickups. At "full-on" or "full-off" it will always be noise-free. A lot of customers use the Volume Control like an extended on/off switch.


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