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Pre Owned 2013 Huss and Dalton TD M Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce and Sinker Mahogany with Hot Hide Glue ID-9059


Pre Owned 2013 Huss and Dalton TD M Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce and Sinker Mahogany with Hot Hide Glue

The Huss and Dalton TD-M has the understated look of a traditional mahogany guitar, but has a sound that is anything but understated. This particular Huss and Dalton TD-M, built using old growth "sinker mahogany," and a Torrified Red Spruce top, is nothing short of spectacular! The Sinker Mahogany back and sides produces a tone that is clear and incredibly powerful. The low end is spectacular and much more prominent than many standard mahogany guitars.

"If you like wood with a story, then it doesn't get any better than this material. This is material from the bottom of Belizean rivers. Belize used to be a British colony. The British exported a lot of Mahogany from Belize throughout history and during the 19th century they used the rivers of Belize as their main source of transportation. Occasionally the denser Mahogany logs would sink! These logs for over 100 years had been lost and forgotten, until now!"

The topwood on this guitar is Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce, one of the most aggressive and powerful woods available. Red Spruce provides virtually unlimited headroom when played hard, perfect for heavy handed bluegrass players who are competing with louder string band instruments such as banjos and fiddles.

Huss and Dalton's new Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce tops are treated with a unique curing process. The commercial version of this process, known as, “thermo curing”, “wood torrefaction” or “roasting”, was developed in Finland to enhance durability and appearance of other wood materials.

Thermo-Curring is a thermochemical treatment of biomass at 200 to 320 °C. It is carried out under atmospheric pressure and in the absence of oxygen, i.e. with no air. During the torrefaction process, the water contained in the biomass as well as superfluous volatiles are released, and the biopolymers (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) partly decompose, giving off various types of volatiles. The final product is the remaining solid, dry, blackened material which is referred to as “torrefied biomass” or “bio-coal”.

During the process, the biomass typically loses 20% of its mass (dry bone basis) and 10% of its heating value, with no appreciable change in volume. This energy (the volatiles) can be used as a heating fuel for the torrefaction process. After the biomass is torrefied it can be densified, usually into briquettes or pellets using conventional densification equipment, to increase its mass and energy density and to improve its hydrophobic properties. The final product may repel water and thus can be stored in moist air or rain without appreciable change in moisture content or heating value, unlike the original biomass from which it is made.

The Adirondack Braces are connected with hot hide glue. Hide Glue sets up very hard, like glass, allowing more energy transfer through the bracing. Hot Hide Glue adds responsiveness across the spectrum. This type of glue was used on the early guitars we have all fallen in love with, but later phased out due to the time required to use it, not to mention the mess it makes. The sonic benefits can't be ignored, adding not only responsiveness, but a new level of detail and clarity.

Additional appointments include Waverly 1129 Special Issue Vintage Oval Tuners, TM Style rosette, tortoise pickguard, long pattern dots on the ebony fretboard and an Ebony belly bridge with thru-saddle and 2 7/32" string spacing.

This Pre Owned 2013 Huss and Dalton TD M Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce and Sinker Mahogany with Hot Hide Glue is in excellent + condition with only a few very minor surface scratches on the pickguard and back. It has very minor fretwear and includes the original hardshell case.

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Huss and Dalton TD


Shipping Weight: 68 lbs

Serial: 3951

Top Wood: Thermo-Cured Appalachian Red Spruce

Back Wood: Sinker Mahogany

Nut Width: 1 23/32"

Scale: 25.4"

Bracing: Adirondack with Hide Glue Top Bracing

Inlays: MOP Dot fingerboard inlays

Rosette: TM Style

Neck Wood: Mahogany

Fretboard: Ebony

Nut Material: Bone

Saddle Material: Bone

Saddle Spacing: 2 7/32"

Bridge: Ebony Belly Thru-Saddle

Bridge Pins: Ebony

Tuners: Waverly 1129 Special Issue Vintage Oval Tuning Machines

Purfling: B/W/B/W/B

Body Binding: Tortoise-style binding

Fretboard Binding: Ebony

Pickguard: Tortoise

Headstock Shape: Solid

Headstock Overlay: Rosewood

Headstock Inlay: MOP Huss and Dalton

Frets To Body: 14

Body Depth: 4 7/8"

Body Length: 20"

Case: Original Hardshell Case Included

Misc. 1: Setup High E: 2/32"

Misc. 2: Setup Low E: 3/32"

Misc. 3: 4" Sound Hole

Misc. 4: Flat Top Build Style

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