Rickenbacker 360-12 String w/ Black Finish Pre-Owned 1983 ID-13157

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24 3/4"
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A highly acclaimed classic that was played in the 60s by artists such as George Harrison & John Lennon, and later by the great Tom Petty, Rickenbacker guitars have a way of showcasing that beautiful vintage look with a tone that helped define the sound of the 60's and 70's. Partly because of the Beatles' popularity and their consistent use of the brand, Rickenbackers were quickly adopted by many other 1960s notables. As both the British invasion and the 1960s came to an end, Rickenbacker guitars fell somewhat out of fashion; however Rickenbacker basses remained highly in favor through the 1970s and on. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Rickenbacker experienced a revival in new wave and jangle pop groups that began to use them. Rickenbacker guitars and basses continue to be very popular to this day with demand persistently exceeding new factory supply. Demand is particularly high amongst retro groups who have been influenced by the sound and look of the 1960s


The world's most popular twelve string electric guitar boasts all of the deluxe features of its Model 360 cousin. A standard for recording for more than thirty years, its haunting, melodic chorus has continued to benefit from evolution. The slim neck makes the 360/12 easier to play than ever.

This Pre Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ all the wear and tear you would expect from a vintage instrument. There are scratches throughout the entire body, and headstock. With a couple very light dings on the body.