Santa Cruz 1929 000 Guitar Mahogany Pre-Owned 2012 ID-13392

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"

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Santa Cruz 1929 000 Mahogany

The 1929 000 is the full sized version of the Santa Cruz 1929 Model we originally commissioned. A longer, 25.375 inch scale for additional volume and bass make it a worthy ensemble instrument. You will find the same simple and elegant aesthetics of the 1929-O and 1929-OO versions.

The master grade True Mahogany top is correctly dimensioned and hand voiced for a full and complex presence, and the elements for an heirloom guitar are all in place.

The 1929-000’s look includes a period correct “Vintage Script” logo done tastefully in Ivoroid. Classic Ebony complements the pyramid bridge, tuner buttons, head-plate and fretboard. An appropriately simple rosette is inlaid with a rich faux tortoise shell celluloid ring in a vintage Ivoroid border.

The 1929-000 Model has all the exceptional presence and playability that you would expect from the Santa Cruz stable of state of the art acoustic guitars.

This guitar excels at fingerstyle playing while also providing great projection and depth when strummed and flatpicked. The all-mahogany construction provides a clear, woody, dry and airy tone that is very balanced and smooth thanks to the masterful voicing.

The comfortable 000 size doesn’t lack for low end… as stated above, the tone is quite balanced thanks to Richard Hoover’s masterful tap tuning and skillful bracing, providing a sound that is much larger than many other similar sized instruments.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ Scratches and Dings throughout the entire instrument. The guitar may be worn in but the tone sounds better than ever!

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Santa Cruz 1929