Santa Cruz Custom "Traditional Series" D/PW Bearclaw Sitka and Mahogany with Herringbone ID-5590

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Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Bearclaw Sitka Spruce
Indian Rosewood
Expected Arrival: 2011-04

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Santa Cruz Custom "Traditional Series" D/PW Bearclaw Sitka and Mahogany with Herringbone

The Santa Cruz D/PW series are consistently some of our favorite instruments.  The pre-war forward shifted bracing pattern favors bass response making these guitars very powerful with a big bluegrass "thump!"  Even with this forward shifted bracing, the Santa Cruz Custom team doesn't allow these guitars to lose the signature string balance, as these guitars are equally responsive up and down the register.

We have ordered this D/PW with a few special features that really makes the guitar stand out from the rest.  It begins with a special Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top featuring stunning bearclaw figuring.  It is our experience that this bearclaw figuring makes the sitka a bit stiffer along the cross grain, making the top more powerful with more clarity and definition.

The upgrades continue with the addition of a herringbone top purfle and matching rosette.  The herringbone purfle is a classy visual feature and we find it also adds to the tone and responsiveness of the instrument.  By cutting into the outer edge of the soundboard and replacing with herringbone, you are making changes in how the top is isolated from the side of the guitar, how freely it moves and in what direction.  In our experience the addition of the herringbone makes the guitar feel a bit more "opened up" right from the start.

The finishing touches on this special D/PW is the headstock, featuring a striped ebony overlay with the "Vintage Script" logo inlaid in Ivoroid.  This logo was designed for the Artisan 1929-00 model and we have loved it so much that it is one of our favorite upgrades!

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