Santa Cruz DH w/ Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood Pre-Owned 2007 ID-13561

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Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Sitka Spruce
Indian Rosewood

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Santa Cruz DH Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood

The strength of the typical dreadnought guitar is in its power and volume, which are achieved by the guitar's large body size. The increased air space also gives the instrument a predisposition to the bass range, an asset to some playing styles and a detriment to others. The Santa Cruz DH has a unique tapered bracing voiced to enhance the midrange and treble without compromising the bass tones. This voicing gives the DH a more even balance and a greater versatility than traditionally braced dreadnoughts. The DH is for the guitarist who needs an instrument capable of great presence and balance, as well as the volume and power necessary to stand out in ensemble playing.

This DH features a Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides... a classic combination done masterfully by Richard and team at Santa Cruz.  Sitka Spruce is the ideal tonewood for a good majority of players.  It responds well to a variety of playing styles and produces rich, lush bass tones with smooth trebles right from the start.

This DH-R has a wonderful balanced tone, right in line with what we have grown to love about Santa Cruz.  The lows are rich with rounded notes on all strings, up and down the fretboard.   Mids and highs are balanced perfectly, a Santa Cruz trademark,  allowing each string to jump out of each chord.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition w/ light dings and scratches throughout the entire instrument. There is some finish sinking at the seam w/ some light separation, and there is some finish sinking at the bindings. There is also some moderate fret wear.

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Santa Cruz DH