Santa Cruz F Model w/ German Spruce & Indian Rosewood ID-12842

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Nut Width:
Custom 1 3/4"
German Spruce
Indian Rosewood

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Santa Cruz F Model

Some SCGC models are designed for specific genres like bluegrass, fingerstyle or rhythm. The F Model’s intent is versatility. Recording, performing and composing with picks or nails on the same instrument is a necessity for many of us. When your repertoire also demands full dynamics from subtle to bold, you needn’t settle nor compromise on your presentation if you have the proper tool. Our ability to control the EQ of the F is the secret to avoiding boominess, while maintaining impressive acoustic volume and giving an articulate voice to fingerstyle playing and open tunings. The F Model is a favorite of performing songwriters. Its classic shape and design make it a popular choice for 12 string, cutaway, custom finish and inlay options.

German Spruce top is very light weight and stiff, and often looks very pale. It hails from the mountains of Central Europe, the western edge of the Alps, the Carpathians and Balkans, and to the extreme north of Greece. The wood tone comes across different than most spruce. German Spruce provides a sound rich in overtones, focused, and full of nuance and tone color; a sound often preferred by fingerpickers. It offers a quicker response and greater headroom than Engelmann.

Combined with indian rosewood this tonewood combination becomes a powerful and punchy fingerstyle instrument with complex overtones and beautiful string definition. Don't let this guitar get by you! Call today to add this instrument to your arsenal.