Santa Cruz H13 w/ Bearclaw Sitka Spruce & White Ebony ID-12995

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Bearclaw Sitka Spruce
White Ebony

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Santa Cruz H13 Custom w/ Bearclaw & White Ebony

What’s up with thirteen frets? The historical precedent for this classic shape was the Gibson ‘Nick Lucas Special’ from the 1920’s and ’30’s, the one Bob Dylan holds in early photos. The “H” designation is an acknowledgment to the guardian of the lore of all things vintage and stringed, Maestro Paul Hostetter, who commissioned SCGC to build the prototype in 1978. In spite of the question of whether the historic 13 frets to the body had any basis in acoustic science, Santa Cruz's reason for using it does.

SCGC’s concept for the H-13 is to achieve power beyond what would be expected in a small-bodied guitar. Two fundamental lutherie tricks make this possible: a longer string length (more downward pressure at the saddle) and more air space via a deeper body (increased volume and bass response). To place the bridge in the optimal position for power and maintain the longer string length, the neck needs to join the body at the 13th fret. Cool, huh? This is a gorgeous classic with power and presence expected from a much larger instrument. Perfect for aggressive fingerstyle blues and vocal accompaniment, the H-13 feels really sweet to hold.

A beautiful set of White Ebony was chosen for the sides and back and is paired with the bearclaw Sitka Spruce top. For a small bodied guitar, this H13 will have the power and projection of a much larger guitar, due to this tone wood combination. As a tonewood, White Ebony has a slightly dark and woody overtone content with a low to mid end predominance much like Indian Rosewood!