Selling your guitar? We can help!

Selling your guitar can be an ordeal, and we've got the tools to help!

Selling your guitar

As you might imagine, with thousands of visitors to our website each day, many times a visitor will encounter one of our lovely instruments that will cause a serious loss of sleep!  Totally unexpected, the visitor begins to imagine themselves playing the guitar, each night before falling asleep, and that special guitar creeps into your REM sleep... And so it begins!
We find that most players need to oft one of their least beloved instruments, to defend the need to purchase a new one (results may otherwise not only affect your sleep, but has also been known to disrupt marital bliss).
Artisan Guitars has a successful record of achievement in assisting you in this time of need, reducing the stress you may encounter in all the known variables... We work hard to help you achieve your goal quickly, and bring you the highest return on the sale of your instrument.  Here's how (and more importantly "why") it works:
  • An average of 6,000 page hits every 24 hours - We can monitor & provide individual statistics for the level of interest in your instrument, with daily / weekly click reports. Add to this, the added presence of an established eBay store, with a perfect rating.
  • Extensive international client base - Over the years, our level of dedicated customer service has provided us with an enormous number of trust-based clients around the world.  You may be surprised at the limited availability of popular brand instruments in major metropolitan areas around the globe.  Even with language barriers, players all over the world have the same needs as we do... So, we speak their musical language.
  • Reduced consignment fee option for buyers - When purchasing any new or used instrument, we offer a discounted 10% consignment fee!  You can elect to use this option to (a) begin planning your purchase or custom order, (b) at the onset of a purchase using our 90 day layaway plan, or (c) anytime up to 30 days after your purchase.  You will receive 90% of the final sale price (click to learn more about our consignment agreement).
  • We provide the market research - Our staff can provide you with extensive pricing research on the current market value of your instrument, usually within 48 hours... To help you decide if now is the time to put your instrument on the market.  We gather online statistics for "comparable instruments", for recently sold instruments, Blue Book & Vintage Guide values, as well as mining data on instruments of like year & condition presently on the market.
  • We provide the marketing - Artisan Guitars has a robust marketing campaign, including SEO, ad-words, RSS feed, and FaceBook posts to present your instrument to thousands of existing clients around the globe.
  • You decide the best selling price - Armed with our extensive research, the final decision for pricing your instrument at / above / below the market is entirely subject to your approval.  You decide if the time is right, and if the potential outcome works into your purchase plans.
  • No hidden fees - Upon receipt of your instrument we create a documented physical inspection, and perform detailed cleaning & wax for best appearance.  We restring with original equipment strings, and inspect the setup for builder / factory specifications (so it plays and sounds the way the builder intended).  You pay for the initial (1st) set of strings (never a service fee), and we provide any future restring services at no additional charge.
  • Superior market representation of your instrument - With hi-res photo documentation, expert MP3 recordings, and a detailed personal write-up for each instrument, we will feature the finest attributes your instrument has to offer.
  • We do the heavy lifting - When (not if) your instrument does sell (on average, within 45 days) we carefully pack your instrument for safe shipping, regardless of destination... Our extensive packing process is proven & trusted (learn more here).  The buyer pays for shipping within the final purchase price.  We provide direct outside insurance coverage for full value loss up to $12k at no additional charge (a rider is procured for instruments above this value).
  • Value added services, at no charge to you - We restring your instrument prior to shipping, so every pre-owned instrument is delivered in the best possible condition.  We include a number of useful gift items in the case with every purchase - We want the buyer to be absolutely satisfied with the purchase process and their new instrument.
  • Reverb & eBay Store Representation - We have an established Reverb & eBay store front with a high customer satisfaction ranking, taking advantage of this additional marketing stream that is recognized the world over.  There is no charge for our store listings, and items posted there are a fixed format featuring the "Buy It Now" and "Make Offer" options (no "auction" format).  There are "Final Value Fees" (3.5% of the selling price, with a maximum of $250), if your instruments sells on eBay; 3.5% fees apply on Reverb Sales (Reverb maximum fee is $350).  Our sales history statistically shows 3 out of 10 instruments are sold on Reverb or eBay, while 7 / 10 buyers who see the listings contact us directly for a store purchase.