Bill Warmoth

Co-Founder, Crew Member & Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Mandolin / Ukulele / Amp Guide

Crew Member Responsibilities: As the founder of Artisan Guitars, I am the guardian of our culture - Where each visitor is treated with respect & their needs well attended, while continually sharing our ever-growing knowledge of the builders we are privileged to represent. Of course a high degree of attention, given to each individual client requires a team of dedicated staff members to provide this level of customer service.

Ellie Warmoth

Co-Founder, Crew Member, & Acoustic Guitar / Ukulele Guide

Crew Member Responsibilities: Everything... From assisting visitors in our showroom, to the eclectic responsibilities of business accounting!  Since the inception of Artisan Guitars she has brought her more than 25 years of business management & customer service experience together, working every post within the shop with vigor and talent.

Eric Molinari

Crew Member and Acoustic / Electric / Amp / Pickup Guide

Crew Member Responsibilities: From greeting customers to placing custom orders and everything inbetween.  With over four years of industry experience from manufacturer to dealer level, and a background in audio engineering, my initiation in the guitar world was the position of Consumer Relations Representative for Fender Musical Instruments before moving to Nashville.

Ty Graham

Artist in Residence & Acoustic Guitar / Electric / Amp Guitar Guide

Crew Member Role: As an upcoming Nashville songwriter, Ty keeps up his guitar licks by performing all of our recordings for MP3's published on our website.  He also assists our crew with visitors, where his enthusiasm for our handcrafted guitars plays a large role in coaching customers on choosing the right guitar from a player's perspective.

Born in east Texas, and schooled at Berklee, Ty has co-written songs with some of Nashville's best songwriters.

Keith Cypert

Crew Member and Acoustic / Electric / Amp / Pickup Guide

Crew Member Role: Keith wears many hats at Artisan Guitars, including serving customers, taking gorgeous photos of our guitars and creating reviews & posts on our website. 

W. T. Warmoth

Crew Member and Acoustic / Electric / Amp / Pickup Guide

Crew Member Role: W.T. joined our crew has been a long time team member, starting work after school each day as a teenager. Since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, he returned to continue his growth with Artisan Guitars as a designer, and currently directs the art and graphics of many of our campaigns. His work has evolved from building customer relationships to shaping our culture and we value his input on our growth towards the future.

Steve Burdick

Crew Member and Tech

Crew Member Role: Steve serves as our resident guitar tech, and is always interested in learning more about how instruments are built.  He installs pickups in guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles throughout each week. As our shipping / receiving manager Steve is the first and last person to see and inspect each instrument before going to the show room or customer.