Teye Apache Electric Guitar L series style artwork w/ Aluminum Plates ID-12292

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Teye Guitars

Teye makes his luxury boutique guitars in several different series. Each has its own level of sophistication in adornment and some features. However, the vision behind them is the same. These are all unapologetic big chunks of guitars.

They were built according to a long American and European stringed instrument tradition, with total emphasis on Tone and Feel. Time and time again, Teye’s guitars emerge the victor in direct comparison with the most prized vintage classics.

A warcry power with unmatched tone, the L Series Apache features engraved partial metal plates, Lollar pick-ups and the full new Teye-electronics including the MOJO™ Analog Spectrum Modeller™ circuit.

Almost all of the hardware on this guitar was designed and brought to life by Teye himself. The aluminum plates and construction throughout the body not only end up being aesthetically appealing, but also add to the guitar's overall sound & tone.

The Apache features non-proprietary custom Lollar humbuckers. These pickups, along with Teye's advanced wiring and mojo knob, gives the guitar an unbelievable wide range of tone. Whether you're going for that big Les Paul sound or looking for some Tele Twang, this guitar can get you where you want to go.