Tim Scheerhorn dobro Quilted Maple Transparent Blue Finish Pre-Owned 2013 ID-11077

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Quilted Maple
Quilted Maple

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Tim Scheerhorn  L-Body

Tim Scheerhorn, who was headed for a career as an engineer, before deciding to change courses and become an instrument builder has revolutionized Dobro design and construction. He is, quite simply, building some of the best Dobros that have ever been built.

Tim redesigned the Dobro from the ground up. He uses all solid woods and has always used solid woods, instead of laminates. He took the Dobro to be an acoustic instrument, which it is, and wanted to make the most resonant guitar he could make. He thought that the sound well inside resonator instruments "locked all the resonant qualities of the top and back" inside the guitar.

He uses internal baffles to capture the guitar and a specially designed ramped, parabolically curved baffle that starts at the waist and curves toward the neck block. This gave the Dobro far more projection and a much bigger sound. This baffle design also helped eliminate the soundwell chamber.

Another design first was the "L" body or Large body. From the builder, "In it's basic dimensions, it's about a half an inch longer, from tailpiece to the neck, than the standard Dobro, about a half-inch wider in the waist and a quarter-inch deeper." This makes the instrument's tone surprisingly deeper and more available at any level.

What does this all add up to on this fine example of Mr. Scheerhorn's work? A Dobro that is expansively loud. It fills rooms with it's lush sweet tones. Single note runs jump out of the instrument, and chords ring making other guitars envious in it's sustain. The hype is real, this is the real deal.

This special L-Body is constructed using a special set of Quilted Maple. This is one of three Quilted Maple guitars ever made by tim. Additionally, it has a gorgeous Transparent Blue finish to ensure the resonator looks as good as it sounds.

The tone of this instrument is everything you could ever hope for from a Dobro... and more!  The sound is rich, full, and crystal clear.  Power is unlimited on these instruments and you will probably go deaf if you can play these hard enough to break up the tone.   There is a reason why the best players in the world trust Tim Scheerhorn's work... stop by our shop and find out for yourself!

Tim is no longer taking orders for his instruments as his back log grew and grew to years for those lucky few able to order one. You won't be seeing any of these anytime soon.

This used Scheerhorn is in Excellent + Condition with only two small dings on the back of the headstock. This instrument was very well looked after and maintained.

Includes Original Tim Scheerhorn Case.

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Tim Scheerhorn