Victoria Double Deluxe Amplifier 2 x 12 Jensen Special Design Speakers Pre-Owned ID-11798

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Victoria Double Deluxe

Like two Deluxes in one cabinet, featuring 4 6V6GT’s. Since this amp is cathode biased, you may specify either a 5Y3 or 5AR4 rectifier tube for 30W or 40W of power. The Double Deluxe is one of our most dynamic and ‘fun’ amps to play, and it’s a very inspiring instrument in skilled hands.

This amp was just fine tuned with a few things to note. The old glass in the pre-amp section have been switched to GE's, 2 new tube sockets in the pre-amp section and a new Switchcraft input jack. The 5Y3 that was in use has been switched to a 5AR4 for better output matching.

This amp has amazing sound and is simple to use!  

This amp shows signs of wear throughout.