Vintage 1921 Gibson A Style Spruce Top Mandolin Pre-Owned ID-11050

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Nut Width:
1 3/16"
Carved Spruce

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Gibson A Mandolin 1921

At the turn of the century, Orville Gibson of Kalamazoo Michigan, took the mandolin and reinvented it.  Prior to this point the standard mandolin had a bowl shaped back, referred to as the Neapolitan Style.  Orville created two new basic styles of mandolins, the “A” and the “F”.  These have become the standard styles of today’s mandolins.  Inspired by the construction of violins, Orville used a carved back and a carved top in an arched shape. 

A few years later, when the Gibson Co. was formed, the “A” and “F” paired with a number indicated the quality of materials and ornamentation.  The models ranged from the basic “A” and “F” to the highest end, most ornate “A4” and “F4”.

In the year 1919, the great Loyd Loar, a sound engineer and master, began his work at Gibson Co.  The instruments built during his time have become some of the most valuable and saught after in the company history.  The mandolins that were produced during the “Loar Period” are known for their high quality workmanship, materials, and ornamentation.  

This 1921 Gibson A is a great example of a played in Loar period instrument.  Displaying beautiful craftsmanship, it is clear why these mandolins are so desirable.  With a carved spruce top over a maple back and sides this mandolin has the beautiful voice that one would expect from a Loar period instrument. The oval sound hole makes for an instrument that is both open and responsive. 

This Gibson A plays very easy and has strong volume with a very balanced sound - this would be a good session instrument. Excellent for Celtic, jazz, classical, or old-time music. It plays wonderfully, has a great loud "chop", and a beautiful warm sound.

This remarkable piece of Gibson history would be a great instrument for collectors and musicians alike.  Check out the specs on this vintage mandolin.

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Gibson A