Vintage Danelectro U1 w/ Black Finish Pre-Owned 1956 ID-13599

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Danelectro U1

The Danelectro guitar that started a tone craze features an original 56 lipstick and Rosewood Saddle Bridge

The Danelectro U1 is a single pickup hollow bodied guitar made of Masonite and shaped similar to a Les Paul model guitar.

The sound of the 56 U1 is legendary and distinctive with its lipstick pickup and wiring. Construction materials used by Danelectro in this period feature a poplar wood frame
with Masonite used for the top and back, with the side of the body bound with vinyl.

This Danelectro features their orignal 56 lipstick pickup. This unique pickup offers delicious highs and mids associated with the popular Danelectro tone.

The 56-U1includes their vintage "Coke bottle" headstock and vintage control knobs

This Pre-Owned Danelectro is in Good Playable condition w/ scratches and dings throughout the entire instrument and has lost some finish over the years(a true relic instrument).

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Pre Owned Danelectro