Vintage Epiphone FT-79 w/ Spruce & Laminated Maple Pre-Owned 1953 ID-13410

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Nut Width:
1 5/8"
Laminated Maple
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Vintage Epiphone FT-79

The FT-79(The Texan) was produced by the Epiphone company starting in 1942. After Gibson bought Epiphone ln 1957, the Texan was produced in Kalamazoo, Michigan until 1970. There have been numerous reissues of the Texan since their primary production period in the 1960s.

The original, New York made Epiphone FT-79 is quite a different guitar. It was originally a Walnut bodied guitar. Its body was a smaller jumbo model and is comparable to the later Guild F-47 (The Guild Guitar Company was started by ex-Epiphone employees after the company left New York). After the takeover by Gibson, the FT-79 type designation was retained, but the body shape changed to one that resembled the slope-shouldered Gibson J-45 (but that guitar has a shorter 24.75" scale length, compared to the 25.5" of the Texan).

This Epiphone has traveled through time and into our shop here in Franklin TN. The guitar has seen it all and has the wear and tear to prove it! w/ many repairs that have been made(see photos for list of work done by Gibson). This guitar has the volume, power, and feel of a vintage instrument w/ a comfortable and broken in neck and dry punchy tone of maple. A True piece of Epiphone History!

This Pre-Owned Vintage Guitar is in good condition w/ wear, tear, dings, scratches, and dents throughout the entire instrument. The peghead overlay has been cracked and reglued, and the bridge has been replaced(old one is in the case). The Binding on the body has also shrunk and is slightly seperating.