Vintage Gibson FJN Folksinger w/ Spruce & Mahogany Pre-Owned 1966 ID-12889

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Gibson Folksinger

Gibson Guitars has been(and still is) one of the premier guitar builders that the world has ever known. Gibson has revolutionized the music industry, and continues to prosper by finding innovative ways to build guitars. Throughout the years there have been many successful models that stuck around and became iconic staples in music. Guitars such as: The Les Paul, The Hummingbird, the J-45 etc. These models helped bring Gibson Guitars to where they are today. Then there are models that you dont see very much, models that only lasted a few years in production. This Gibson Folksinger is one of those instruments. A Vintage look w/ a short history, but with no lack of the Gibson magic.

The Folksinger was introduced into production around 1963 and was marketed to the Folk players of the day. The guitar was a square shouldered 12 fret w/ a 2 inch nut width. The instrument was one of Gibson's interchangeable guitars. Meaning it was voiced & braced for classical guitar(which explains the wide nut width) but could also be played with steel strings. Gibson stuck with the model for a few years but then discontinued production in 1967, chalking up the low sales to the fact that the FJN Dreadnought size was not as popular as the similar smaller F-25 model.

The Folksinger features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, and captures the vintage Gibson acoustic tone perfectly. The low end "Thud" that made the Gibson acoustics so coveted is present in this guitar. If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of Gibson history, this guitar is perfect for you!

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Good Condition. This Guitar has all the scratches, dings, wear and tear that you would expect from a vintage instrument of this age. There is a crack in the top that has been repaired with a cleat, but it still plays and sounds like magic!