Vintage Gibson L3 Standard w/ Spruce & Birch Pre-Owned 1907 ID-13360

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23 3/4"
Nut Width:
1 11/16"
Carved Spruce

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Vintage Gibson L-3 Standard

Introduced in 1902(Gibson's first year as a guitar maker), the Gibson L-3 archtop is one of the company's most venerable models. Gibson's unique carved body guitars were a revolutionary innovation: with their arched soundboards and backs, and tailpiece-and-bridge construction, the instruments were specifically designed for steel strings, and produced greatly increased volume and projection over the diminutive parlor guitars of the day.

This 1907 Gibson L3 Standard has stood the test of time through generations and made it here to our shop(and in great condition I might add). Built in 1907(Gibson's 5th year of production and 5 years before the Titanic set sail across the Atlantic Ocean! Let that sink in...); this time traveling pre-war Gibson is nothing short of extraordinary. The carved spruce top adds wonderful articulation, and the birch back and sides makes it sound punchy and louder than many other guitars of the same size. The neck is a large but unbelievably comfortable, and the sweet tone that comes out of this Vintage instrument will make it hard to put down!

This Guitar is in Good Condition w/ all the wear and tear that you would expect from a vintage instrument. There have been cracks that have been repaired by Glaser Instruments in Nashville TN. The Saddle was also replaced, and there are multiple dings and scratches throughout the entire instrument.