Vintage National Style 3 Tricone Squareneck Pre-Owned 1932 ID-12121

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Nut Width:
2 1/16"

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National Style "3"

National originally introduced its Style 3 Tricone in 1928 with an elaborate “Lily of the Valley” design created by founder John Dopyera with inspiration from his wife Elizabeth. As with those rare originals, the brass body, coverplate, and handrest of each Style 3 guitar is individually hand-engraved with that original 1920s pattern. The German silver neck is capped by an engraved ivoroid headstock overlay with a matching heel cap. The ebony fretboard is set off by mother-of-pearl diamond position markers. As National humbly promised in the restrained prose of one of its 1920s advertisement, “The attractive and unusual appearance never fails to make a favorable impression upon an audience.”

Built from 1928 until the second world war; this Style "3" guitar has become a rarer and more desirable instrument than the Style "4" because people who aspired top of the line instruments in the 1930's didn't stop at the style 3, and therefore fewer Style "3" guitars were sold to the general public.

This Guitar is truly an antique and it is in unbelievably good condition for its age. Squareneck and all, the brass body shines like new, but gives off a sonic quality that only aged brass could provide. This Pre Owned Guitar is in excellent condition with truly vintage wear and tear.

Includes a Tweed HardCase