VVT Lindy Fralin Custom Guitar Amp Pre-Owned 2013 ID-12831

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VVT Lindy Fralin Amp

Maryland-based amplifier builder Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers (you may know it as VVT) recently fielded a request from renowned pickup winder Lindy Fralin. He wasn’t looking for advice on wire or how hot to wind a pickup for best interaction with a particular VVT; rather, Fralin wanted an amp built to his specs and taste. And not just for him, but for the mass market. VVT, realizing the co-branding possibilities, jumped at the opportunity.

From VVT's Website:

Being avid users of his pickups for many years and the ear Lindy has for tone was just the challenge we needed to design and build an amp he would put his name on.

After several conversations, Lindy wanted an amp voiced primarily for clean full bodied articulate tone. It had to perform well at a low volume, be as light as possible and cool looking.

We made several visits to his shop in Richmond to play and listen to many amps in Lindy’s impressive collection. Only then did we get a good sense of what it was he was after. We finally agreed on an all tube design that is totally hand wired.

After several prototypes the design evolved into a single channel, cathode biased, 6L6 powered amp with built in spring reverb and a bright switch for Lindy’s P90s. Careful attention was paid the overall size and weight of his design. He insisted the amp be as portable and lightweight as possible yet still produce the warm rich low end responce tube amps produce..Lindy’s custom made 20X20 cabinet had to be designed along with an integral diffuser to tame those beamy highs. Lindy’s speaker of choice was a custom made Eminence 15′ Legend series for big clean chimey tone, a nice compliment to his pickups.

Lindy spared no expense when it came to the kind of components we used , hand wound Mercury Magnetics transformers together with Gavitt cloth covered wire.

This Pre-Owned Amp is in Excellent Condition with no wear or tear to mention.