Yamaha Pacifica PAC311 Mike Stern Signature Pre-Owned 1999 ID-13807

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Yamaha Pacifica

The YAMAHA PAC 311 MS was a solid body electric guitar made in Taiwan from 1999 to 2003. It has one Hot Rail pickup and one conventional humbucker. This model features a Maple fingerboard, an Ash-veneer top, body binding, and a Translucent White Finish. It seems to have been modeled on the more expensive Mike Stern signature model the PAC 1511MS. The PAC311MS controls are slanted rather than on a telecaster style chrome plate like the PAC 1511MS. Within Yamaha's naming convention for Pacificas the "MS" stands for maple fingerboard single cutaway (not "Mike Stern"). There is some debate as to whether it was actually officially approved by Mike Stern, but Yamaha certainly advertised it as a Mike Stern Pacifica guitar on their website in 2000.

This Tele style yamaha shreds! The Seymour Duncan pickups never disappoint and can get you a crisp clean tone as well as a driving distorted lead. The guitar has some nice weight to it, coming in at 7.8 lbs, its puts you under most electric guitars in the same or higher market.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Very Good Condition w/ light scratches on the pickguard and throughout the body. There is also some finish sinking and light lacquer cracks on the back.