1950 Gibson L-4C Acoustic Archtop ID-6067

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24 3/4"
Nut Width:
1 11/16'
Laminated Maple

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1950 Gibson L-4C Acoustic Archtop

All guitar historians will tell you that Orville Gibson invented the archtop guitar at the end of the 19th century. Many will also add that Lloyd Loar advanced the design considerably in the early 1920s. Although the Gibson L-4C  wasn't designed directly by Orville Gibson or Lloyd Loar. It is just one of the many iterations made to the standard design of the archtop guitar by Gibson.

First introduced  in 1949 the L4-C was produced in limited numbers until it was ultimately discontinued in 1971. The Gibson L-4c is an all acoustic archtop guitar with many fine simplified appointments. With a bound Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and Parallelogram fingerboard inlays, 3-Ply Body Binding, Kluson Deluxe tuners with double ring tulip keys, and a Brazilian Rosewood adjustable compensated bridge. This guitar, although simple, is a testament to the Gibson design and craftsmanship that we all know and love.

It has a 16" Body topped with a Spruce top and Gibson's beautiful sunburst. This guitar bares a very vintage look. The classic vintage look of this instrument is only icing on the cake for this guitar. The Laminated Maple back and sides allow for an incredible tone before it is even plugged in. The Laminated Maple construction produces a very focused tone with plenty of warmth and clarity. The tone of this guitar is very mellow with a depth and dynamic quality that you can only find in vintage instruments.

The Body also features white binding. However, after 60+ years the white binding has aged into a beautiful buttery cream color. This only enhances the vintage look of this instrument.

This guitar also has a removable pickguard (included). As well as a removable single coil DeArmond floating pickup which is included and can be seen in the photographs below. Between the years of the 1930's and 1960's Rowe Industries manufactured DeArmond pickups for various stringed instruments including acoustic archtop guitars. Often imitated, the intention of the DeArmond pickup is to allow an acoustic guitar to be amplified. This is done with out sacrificing the acoustic tone lost from a guitar by permanently installing a pickup.

This guitar is in excellent condition. However, because this instrument is 60+ years old this guitar does have various scratches and dings as expected. The headstock also does show some scratches and dings. Some wear right above the nut which can be seen in the photographs below. Hardshell Case Included.

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