Udo Roesner Da Capo 75 Combo Amplifier - 13930


Udo Roesner Da Capo 75 Combo Amplifier - 13930

Udo Roesner has been at the forefront of designing acoustic amplifiers for over 30 years and is well known throughout the music industry as the co-founder of AER Amps. After parting ways with AER, Udo has embarked on his own and started a (self titled) new brand. The first model to introduce Udo Roesner Amps into the marketplace is the stunning Da Capo 75. A combo amplifier that boasts the best performance and specifications in a compact housing.

The Da Capo 75 is a 2-channel acoustic instrument combo amplifier equipped with custom-made 8-inch twin cone type speakers. It boasts a 75W output power in a compact housing and has six types of effects. Optimal size, power and performance. This is the ideal amplifier for acoustic instruments.

When compared to the AER Compact 60/4 TE, this customer went in-depth in his review:

"To me the first thing is the gain is much higher so it has a lot more sustain and overall tone. And you're correct, the highs aren't no where as brittle sounding as the AER, on this amp you can actually turn the highs down and they aren't there. The aer cant do that and the highs seem way too bright, I guess the best way to describe the difference is the highs on the AER amps are like a presence knob, the highs on the Udo are like a treble knob. So the highs are clearer and not so prominent, geared more towards how the highs are suppose to sound on an acoustic guitar, the AER seems like the highs take over the overall tone of the amp." - TG (Illinois)

A Da Capo 75 review for another experienced AER user:

"Bill - The amp arrived yesterday. Currently, I have a Martin OM with the Gold Plus Natural 1 piezo and a couple of Taylor guitars equipped with the ES2 system. I played with my fingers for the tests. All EQ controls were set at noon for both amps. The improvements with the Da Capo were immediately apparent. I was really struck how the Martin with the piezo sounded so rich and full, particularly with single notes. I played it side by side with the AER, which sounded kind of flat, boxy and thin in the single notes by comparison. Upping the master on the AER helped to open it up some. With single note lines on the low string with my Martin and Da Capo you can really hear the woody & full tone it produces. They really improved the pre-amp on this new Da Capo along with the EQ. The effects are a better selection as well.

The Taylor guitars did not fare well. The Da Capo is so good that it really reveals the flaws of the ES2. The Taylors were very noisy. Any finger position changes and squeaks were just too noticeable. This isn’t any fault of the Da Capo. Let’s just say I’ll be selling my two Taylor guitars." - J.S (Michigan)

Another long time AER User report...

"Hey Bill,

I just placed my Da Capo next to my AER Compact Classic Pro and compared the two. While I have always liked the sound of the AER, I found that the Da Capo was much clearer. It also projected much better than the AER. Another reviewer described the sound as like being inside the guitar. That was very accurate. I'd like to add my impression that the sound has a 3D quality, (which it is supposed to have). It sounded as though it didn't even come from the amp. It just filled the room! The projection is incredible.

I played both my Gerald Sheppard Ave Maria GC with a Barbera Transducer and Martin OMCE Claro with a Matrix Infinity through my Da Capo. I also use a Tonedexter acoustic pedal. Both sound phenomenal.

I'm still fiddling with the controls to get the exact sound I think I want, (i.e., gain a little lower and master a little higher so it's a little smoother and not so punchy) but am very pleased with my Da Capo and will be selling my AER as soon as possible.

Thanks for everything. I highly recommend Artisan Guitars and Da Capo amps.

Sonny W."

Udo Roesner Amps products are designed and developed by Udo Roesner himself at MARco-labs in Germany and France.

(2 Year Warranty included from an Authorized Dealer to the original purchaser.)

To view or download the Udo Da Capo 75 Instruction Manual CLICK HERE


  • input 1 / input 2 common: XLR & 1/4 inch TRS phone combo jack
  • line mode: High impedance jack for musical instruments (directly connected from pickup), mic
  • mode: XLR balanced / phone jack unbalanced
  • phantom power (XLR only): 48V max 10mA (with short protection circuit)
  • return: 1/4 inch phone jack, unbalanced, PreMaster
  • phones: 1/4 inch TRS stereo phone jack
  • Impedance: 470Ω
  • send: 1/4 inch phone jack, unbalanced, PreMaster
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Effect presets: 1-reverb short, 2-reverb long, 3-chorus, 4-custom delay, 5-my delay, 6-tap 'n delay

One of many Da Capo 75 user reviews:

"Hi Bill and the Team at Artisan Guitars,

My new Udo Roesner Da Capo 75 arrived today. I unpacked it and everything looked super clean.

Read through the Da Capo “cook Book” that came with the amp. Plugged in the amp. Plugged in my Maton EBG808TE and played for about 30 minutes at a moderate neutral setting on the amp: gain @ 9 o’clock; bass, middle, treble all at center notch; reverb 1 pan & level center; master @ 9 o’clock.

Mind blown. This amp sounds like I'm inside the guitar. Clarity, articulation, definition, punch, presence, and a whole lot more. It’s the best sounding acoustic amp I’ve ever known in over 40 years of playing guitar. Can’t wait to record with this gem.

Cheers," - K. B. (San Francisco, California)