Return Policy


   In years past we have offered a generous ‘trial period’ with the purchase of a guitar, 2020 was truly a lesson in the pitfalls of human indecision. Who could blame clients and their need for immediate gratification when they were locked down for weeks amid a world of uncertainty?

   The opportunity to satisfy "pandemic" boredom in many cases has recently resulted in some impetuous purchases. Yet unpredictable returns can be a perilous hazard for business, along with doubling the risk of loss or damage to a prized instrument requiring repacking and shipping a second time.

   This may not apply to all customers, but for those who find themselves in the mindset to consider "a need to return or resale a guitar" while in the process of deciding to purchase one - we believe that is the best reason to support a “no return” policy.

   It helps to give pause from buying when in doubt and keeps our vision in mind to build lasting relationships. Finding the right guitar is essential to both us and our customers. Given the proper time to explore your personal needs we are pleased to answer questions, and share our experience and knowledge with you.

Currently, the Maton team in Melbourne are well behind in production, limiting availability around the world. This is reflected in our inventory offerings, though we have an entire array of models on order at any given time. If you don’t see the model you are searching for, please ask about the opportunity to reserve one we have on order.