1954 Fender Stratocaster - October - All Original ID-4866

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:

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1954 Fender Stratocaster

In the late 1940's a young man that owned a radio repair store designed a guitar that was the first commercially available, mass produced, solid body guitar. Although this guitar was an instant hit, there were some concerns from guitarists in the industry. This innovative radio repair man went back to the drawing board, and redesigned the guitar. What he captured was lightning in a bottle. What he designed was a rocket ship at the time. This guitar revolutionized the industry and forever changed the way guitars looked, felt, and played. The man was Leo Fender. The guitar was the Fender Stratocaster. Even today, almost 60 years later, this is the guitar by which all others are judged.

The Stratocaster was a modern design that had a fully contoured Ash body and two "wings" that were reminiscent of the cars of the day. These wings allowed for easier access to the upper frets on both the treble and bass strings. It had a fully usable vibrato tailpiece that allowed for accurate bending of notes, and three pickups so that musicians could tailor the guitar to their individuality. Leo also had the presence of mind to use a "bolt-on" neck, rather than a traditional mortise and tenon joint, that made changing the neck, if need be, an easy task.

We are privileged to offer such an exceptional version of an early Stratocaster. This particular guitar is from October 1954. This was the first month of production that was made available to dealers around the country. It still features the original "Wood Music Center" decal. This is where this guitar was purchased.

We need to emphasize, this guitar is completely original. It has never been refretted, nor been refinished. The neck has never been changed. The pots are 100% stock original and have no solder breaks. The tuners are Kluson "no line". Even the screws have been verified as original, the ones that came with this guitar! For those in the know, Tadeo is on the neck, and Gloria is in the body. Additional information provided by request. This guitar includes the original center pocket tweed case.

As this guitar is one of the finest examples of an early Strat we have ever seen. Serious offers only. We are pleased to answer any additional questions directly about this guitar.

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  • Model: Stratocaster.
  • Serial: 0970.
  • Year: 1954 - October.
  • Body: Ash.
  • Neck: One-Piece Maple with Walnut "Skunk" Stripe.
  • Frets: 21.
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose Tobacco Sunburst.
  • Stackpole Split Shaft 250k Pots.
  • Knobs: Polystyrene Plastic.
  • Tuners: Kluson "No Line".
  • Pickups: 3 Single Coil with 3 Way Selector.
  • Pickguard: Single Ply Parchment.
  • Original Tremolo Bar.
  • Nut Width: 1.63".
  • Scale: 25.5".
  • Center Pocket Tweed Case (original).

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