Wild Dog Stompboxes

October 07, 2021

Wild Dog Stompboxes

For more than 20 years, Wild Dog build has been building high quality handmade stomp boxes from Australian timbers.

Most stomp boxes use an internal piezo pickup system, with a pre-amp and batteries. They tend to sound rather electronic and artificial.

The Wild Dog stomps use a type of passive microphonic membrane with no pre-amp or batteries. The output is extremely high and as you would expect, the tone is all about the range of frequencies captured from the woods used to make them by hand.

Whether you are a percussionist, pianist, or guitarist, this is the sound you've been looking for to add to your rig. The larger sized Wild Dogs create a huge bass frequency, that of a kick drum. The small stomps do the same, at a somewhat higher frequency.

Turn up your speakers or don your headphones and watch the video to hear comparisons in all the Wild Dog models!

Made in Australia and coming to a live gig near you!