Huber Lancaster Mahogany Banjo Pre-Owned 2010 ID-10258

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26 1/4"
Nut Width:
1 3/16"

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Huber Lancaster

Pre-Owned 2010 Huber Lancaster Mahogany Banjo

Some of the most prized banjos of the pre war era were mahogany banjos with nickel plated parts. In fact, many players think of the five string banjo primarily in this form and it is fair to suggest that the majority of banjos manufactured since the early 20th century have been mahogany and nickel.

Our Lancaster uses this basic configuration, with the standard Huber inlay pattern. Perhaps reflecting this commonplace, it is also our most popular model.

The neck and resonator are made from choice mahogany with a natural mahogany finish. The resonator features twin concentric rings in the back and the neck and resonator are both trimmed with white binding.

This banjo has a huge sound that puts other banjos to shame.  The tone is clear, bright and punchy, without the brittle high end sometimes associated with banjos.  The highs are warm and bell like, with lots of sustain and resonation while maintaining outstanding clarity up and down the neck.  The low end is round and full. 

The Lancaster is effortless to play and extremely responsive to the touch, so that it rings even with the lightest touch. And, when played hard, it keeps on giving. Custom appointments to this guitar include a Huber engineered Rim, Brass Hoop, Nickle Plating, One Piece Zinc Flange and a Presto Style Tail Piece.

This Pre-Owned 2010 Huber Lancaster Mahogany Banjo is in Excellent + Condition with only some very light wear on the rest plate.

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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Huber Lancaster