Huss and Dalton Custom 00-SP Red Spruce & Ziricote ID-12764

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Red Spruce

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Huss and Dalton Custom 00-SP Red Spruce & Zircote

While Huss and Dalton are praised for their dreadnoughts, we are always impressed by the remarkable balance and response of their small bodied beauties. And we are constantly blown away by anything that comes out of their shop! This Huss and Dalton Custom 00-SP delivers on both counts - a true fingerpickin' dream!

Huss and Dalton applies the same building style to their 00-SP as they do their standard dreadnoughts. The top is built with a 25' radius. A positive by-product of the radiused soundboard design, besides its load bearing properties, is a boost in the mid-range without overpowering the bass and trebles. This is design function is showcased in this guitar - boasting unsurpassed tonal balance.

The Huss and Dalton 12-fret 00 produces a surprising amount of volume out of a small body guitar. The Huss and Dalton 00SP has ample warmth and richness that fills a room. Studio musicians will appreciate how incredibly balanced it is across the fingerboard. No frequency is left unrepresented.

This particular one is constructed with a Red Spruce Top and Ziricote back and sides. The combination is a perfect one, with rich, dry low-end and crisp, sweet trebles with complex overtone - it flaunts an extraordinary voice. It practically demands to be fingerpicked; with a blossoming, developed tone that sings. Red Spruce, "the holy grail" of topwoods, drives the top of this powerful instrument, and gives an almost unlimited headroom for volume.

Red Spruce is generally favored by heavy handed players, and provides nearly unlimited headroom when you need the extra power. Additionally, the Red Spruce top is braced with hand split Adirondack Red Spruce, a stiffer bracing material that makes for a more responsive and lively top.

Ziricote is similar visually to Brazilian rosewood, but with dark greys instead of warm browns and rich chocolates. Tonally it is similar to striped ebony, but brighter. Deep boomy sound with sparkly highs. A favorite wood for classical, Baroque, flamenco, and other fingerstyles. It is known for low dampening qualities, similar to most rosewoods, with rich basses and clear trebles. Produces more clarity than Indian rosewood, but provides more overtones than Macassar ebony.

This Beautiful instrument also features many aesthetic appointments such as Maple bindings throughout the body, fingerboard, and peghead, a torch peghead inlay, and an abalone rosette.

Includes Hardshell Case.

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