Huss and Dalton Custom DS-12 Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce and Mahogany ID-11718

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Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce

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Huss and Dalton DS-12

This slope shouldered guitar is a powerhouse. Big in sound but not short on clarity this guitar is a nod to the traditional slope shoulder guitars of the 30's and 40's.

This is a beautiful guitar with a great voice and feel for flatpicking and strumming which is excellent for fingerstyle players. Like most round shouldered D's, this one has a little more midrange and pop because of the radiused top and the larger soundhole. This is an all around singer-songwriter type guitar and more than a few fingerstyle players, like these slope D's because of it's balance and bigger midrange voice.

This DS 12 features a Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce top, Sitka has a lower stiffness-to-weight ratio than Adirondack Red Spruce .  A positive side-effect of this more flexible soundboard is that it doesn't require as much strength (or string attack) to produce it's signature balanced sonic tone.  A player with a lighter attack or even fingerstyle players will find Sitka Spruce much more suited to their playing style.

This Huss and Dalton DS 12 Crossroads features a Select Thermo Cured Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides with a dark walnut stain to compliment the gorgeous, custom sprayed sunburst top and a shorter scale length of 24.9"

Includes Original Hardshell Case.

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Huss and Dalton DS