Juan L Cayuela Model 26 Nylon String Guitar w/ Englemann Pre-Owned 2005 ID-12846

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European Maple

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Flamenco Model 26

This Nylon String guitar made by Juan L Cayuela out of his shop in Spain is a definite rare find. Boasting an Englemann top this guitar is ready to play fingerstyle and ready to outplay every other nylon guitar in the room. Englemann Spruce is softer than Sitka Spruce, offering a much more responsive tone with a lighter pick attack. Fingerstyle players especially love the way Englemann responds to their particular style of playing, projecting ample volume with minimal attack.

Maple is a very popular tonewood, and used by almost every guitar builder on the planet. Maple can be stiff, which helps give a balanced tone across the spectrum so that every frequency gets its chance to shine through. Many people have also described maple as bright, which works perfectly when paired with warm nylon strings.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Very Good condition. The only thing to note is that there is a chip out of the fretboard up in the third fret(see photos).