Maton Feedback Eliminator Sound Hole Cover Full Size ID-10508

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Maton Feedback Eliminator Sound Hole Cover Full Size

(100 mm - 3.9 Inches) fits perfectly in all Maton guitars built after May 2014 or with a dreadnought sized body

Maton Feedback Eliminator... Let us put it to you straight. The squeals of feedback from your guitars pickup system can ruin your show if you do not find a way to get them under control. That is where the Maton Acoustic Feedback sound hole cover comes in.  It plugs right into your sound hole so that your Maton's internal microphone does not react to your stage monitor feed; thus avoiding a nasty feedback loop.

The Maton Feedback Buster is the solution for all Maton guitar players.  It's so easy to use. Simply plug it into the sound hole and you are ready to play any venue without feedback!!  You can play atop your stage monitors and drive your guitar like a Ferrari, without issue.  It does not require any hardware changes.

Maton has designed these Feedback Eliminators to fit the three different sound holes sizes they offer; for the Mini, 808, and Dreadnought models. This tailor-fit feedback eliminator seats into your sound hole, perfectly. You can focus on your performance, without the worry of the eliminator popping out of the guitar.

As many of you likely already know, Tommy Emmanuel has been playing Maton guitars since his youth. His extra-terrestrial playing style and keen ear demands an instrument that will keep up with his performance and provide his audience with a tone that he is proud of. He has found this in his signature Maton TE1, TE2 and 808TE. He trusts Maton Feedback Eliminators to control any possible feedback under various playing conditions, and uses them in all of his Maton guitars. We have all admired what Tommy gets his Matons to do.  And now you too can enjoy the great tone of your Maton guitar, without the worry of any annoying feedback.

Get one for your Maton.  You deserve to have the most clear acoustic sound without any feedback.

This Feedback Eliminator is made by Maton to fit their Full Size Guitars.

No Returns if bought for any guitars besides Maton.


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