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1969 Fender Telecaster w/ Bigsby ID-4884

1969 Fender Telecaster w/ Bigsby

What a dandy piece of Fender Telecaster history! We've all been eyeing this on since it made its way upon our walls, This is an excellent example of a post-CBS, late-sixties Tele that still holds its own in a lineup of the older vintage! From the beautiful blonde finish to the bang-up Bigsby (a personal favorite) - this Tele is a winner.

1969 was after the "transistion" period between Leo Fender management and CBS management. Even though it is a bit newer than the classic 50s models that are integral pieces of Fenders history, this killer '69 still plays like a dream and pushes out that classic Tele twang. The neck has a rounded, C-shape that fits perfectly in your left hand. The neck is solid maple with a rosewood fingerboard. As for the body, unlike other Teles of the era, all blonde finished models were made of soild, one-piece ash. Other finishes were made of Alder, and almost always at least two pieces. One-piece bodies are preferable, and this one has the weight of an aged instrument. The Bigbsy bends and bellows just like it did from day one - and always makes any guitar look like a hot rod!

The wiring, pickups, and pots are all original. Starting in 1968, Fender used PVC plastic shielded wire: black being ground, white being hot. The tone capacitors are the standard pancake-shaped made of ceramic. Something interesting to note, during 1966, Fender bought a huge supply of CTS pots. Because of this, many late 60s Teles have pots dated from 1966. All that being said, we have done our due research, and believe all components to be original. We have provided pictures of both the back of the pots and switch, the neck block, back of the neck, and bottom of the neck to show all stamps, serial numbers, and markings.

The body has its original polyurethane finish. This finish is slightly thicker than the nitro Fender used prior to 1968, but its durability lends to why this guitar is in such fantastic shape. The neck may have been refinished, and the fingerboard may have been planed. It seems that the 21st, 17th, and one of the 12th fret pearl dots have been replaced. We cannot confirm this, and if they are refinished - the person responsible did a heck of a job! There are marks on the top and back, including some buckle rash and top wear. There are three areas along the sides where the finish has worn. All three are detailed in the photographs. All and all, this guitar is in great shape for its age. It even includes its original hardshell case. The case is road worn. The "er" on the Fender decal of the case are missing - only the "Fend" remains.


  • Serial: 252241
  • Top Wood: Ash
  • Back Wood: Ash
  • Nut Width: 1.58"
  • Scale: 25 1/2"
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