Hense Standard Shape Happy Turtle Picks ID-9834


Hense Happy Turtle Faux Tortoise Shell Picks

These Hense Casein Picks give you the Tortoise Shell tone that you are looking for! These Faux Tortoise Shell Picks are the standard teardrop shape.

From the moment Tortoise Shell picks became illegal to manufacture, guitarist have been searching for a worthy replacement. In that search picks made from the material Casein were developed. Casein is a protein that is commonly found in milk that has a wide variety of uses.

Please note, the Hense packaging refers to the available gauges by 'name', not thickness. Apparantly, in Germany where these come from, everthing is Heavy:

  • Bluegrass - Heavy (1.2 mm)
  • Jazz - X Heavy (2.0 mm)
  • Standard - XX Heavy (2.7 mm)

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