Maton EBW808C Guitar Blackwood


Maton EBW808C Blackwood

Maton's Blackwood series looks very familiar to us in the States! Most guitar builders in North America will build a full body Mahogany instrument, but Maton took a different approach and built a full body Victorian Blackwood Instrument! Simplicity and purity of tone lay at the heart of the Blackwood range of Guitars. Pure Blackwood tone -clear, bright trebles, strong mid range and full bass. The all Blackwood construction produces a unique compression, blending frequencies into a new, unique voice.

Victorian Blackwood is very available to the Maton guitar building team! Blackwood has a very rich & sweet tone to it; similar to Koa it has a complex high end with a visually stunning appearance! Blackwood is used in construction of almost every Maton guitar as the neck, back and sides, or an internal component. The simple appointments on this instrument make it feel natural and unique; but when you plug it in, you'll get a modern acoustic sound from the best acoustic pickup system on the market! Don't miss out on something your collection is desperately missing!

The AP5 Pro Pickup System now features Separate Microphone and Piezo input controls allow for blending of both microphone and piezo levels prior to sending the actively combined signals through to the tone circuits and master volume. Highly selective cardioid microphone system allows for much greater microphone level before feedback in live environments. This newly upgraded microphone is direct mounted to the preamp casing via an adjustable arm, which permits easy final tweaking of microphone position to suit the individual artists style.

Using the ‘Sweepable Mid’ controls. Midrange is sweepable from 1 to 2khz and can be cut or boosted within this range. As a general rule for the system should start out ‘flat’ then be altered to achieve the tone desires. For example, an open, natural sound can be achieved by setting the frequency control at 1.4khz and the boost/cut control at 5db. Alternatively, for a ‘thick’ lead sound boost your mids by 5db and set the frequency dial at 1.7kh


  • Top Wood: "A Select" Grade Blackwood
  • Back Wood: Blackwood
  • Nut Width: 44.1mm (1.736" - 1 47/64")
  • Natural Satin Finish
  • Serial Number: 21596
  • Neck Wood: Queensland Maple
  • Fretboard: Streaky Ebony
  • Bridge: Streaky Ebony
  • Bracing: Scalloped Maton X
  • Headstock Shape: Solid
  • Headstock Inlay: Maton Logo
  • Tuners: Chrome Grover Rotomatics
  • Inlays: Dot Fingerboard Inlays
  • Purfling: Rope
  • Body Binding: Black ABS
  • Pickguard: Black w/ Gold M
  • Bridge Pins: Ivory ABS
  • Pickup(s): AP5 PRO
  • Cutaway
  • Case: Hardshell Case Included

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