Maton Guitars Custom Shop 808 - 16532


Maton Guitars Custom Shop 808 - 16532

The 808 body shape is unique to Maton Guitars... Compared with an OM (Orchestra Model) from other builders, the 808 is narrower in the upper and lower bouts. The 808 body is also deeper, measuring 4-7/8" (vs. 4.0" common depth for most OM guitars). The extra body depth enhances the bass response.

As with all Maton 808 models, the voicing is a combination of the forward shifted X-brace and the added body depth. Generally speaking, the tonal character is "balanced", where the bass, mid-range, and treble volumes are equally matched within a close parameter.

All Maton Custom Shop models are built by Master Builder Andy Allen. He hand picks the premium wood sets from his master grade collection. Andy has built guitars for many famous Maton artists. His detailed work for each creation is captured in photos during the build process for each guitar, accompanied by a USB drive with dozens of photos for each specific guitar.

This custom spec guitar was designed in house, one of many Maton Custom Shop guitars that are unique. Let us design one for you.

In its 5th generation, the AP5 Pro features an internal Microphone and 6-Piezo bridge input, with controls that allow for blending of both microphone and piezo levels prior to sending the actively combined signals through the well engineered pre-amp.

The highly selective cardioid microphone system allows for much greater microphone level before feedback in live environments. This upgraded AP5-Pro microphone is direct mounted to the pre-amp casing with an adjustable arm, which permits easy final tweaking of microphone position to suit the individual artist's playing style.

Using the ‘Sweep-able Mid’ controls. Mid-range is sweep-able from 600Hz to 2.4kHz and can be cut or boosted within this range. As a general rule we start out with all settings ‘flat’ then alter them to achieve the desired tone & presence based on the venue or recording environment. For example, an open, natural sound can be achieved by setting the frequency control at 1.4khz and the boost/cut control at 5db. Alternatively, for a ‘thick’ lead sound boost your mid's by 5db and set the frequency dial at 1.7kh.

Specifications:808 Body Shape

  • 6-String Model
  • Cutaway Option
  • European Spruce Top
  • Paul Shell Rosette
  • Fiddleback Blackwood Back & Sides
  • Rope Inner Binding (top purfling)
  • Satinbox Outer Binding (body)
  • Satinbox Backstrip
  • Fiddleback Blackwood Neck
  • Keyhole Headstock
  • Fiddleback Headstock Veneer
  • Horizontal "Maton" logo inlay at center top of headstock, "Custom Shop" logo above the nut on the headstock
  • Standard 44.1 mm Nut Width (1.746")
  • Standard "C" Neck Profile
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Optional Paua Shell Snowflake Inlays on Fingerboard
  • No Fingerboard Binding
  • Standard Jescar Frets (47095)
  • Ebony Bridge setup for AP5-Pro Pickup
  • Full Body & Neck High Gloss "Natural" Finish (no stain)
  • Grover Open Back Nickel Tuners
  • AP5-Pro Pickup and Internal Mic System
  • Chrome Strap Button on End Block, No Strap Button on Neck Heel
  • Ebony Bridge Pins with Pau Dot Inlays
  • No Pick Guard
  • Custom Shop Interior Label
  • Hiscox Flight Case
  • USB Flash Drive with Digital Production Photos
  • Signed C.O.A.
  • Serial Number: 1514

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