Maton Guitars Solid Road Series SRS-70C-12 String Dreadnought - 16450


Maton Guitars Solid Road Series SRS-70C-12 String Dreadnought - 16450

The Solid Road Series SRS-70C-12 features Tasmanian Blackwood Back and Sides, A Grade Sitka Spruce Top, Scalloped Bracing, Queensland Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge.

Blackwood tonal character vs. Koa

Tasmanian Blackwood (also named Victorian Blackwood) is in the Acacia family, with a surface hardness on par to its sister wood Koa which grows in Hawaii. It provides excellent projection, while the density (specific gravity) is slightly higher offering a warmer bass register than Koa. Combined with the Sitka Spruce top you have a powerful yet balanced full sized dreadnought.

Standard cutaway feature

Not many builders offer a full sized dreadnought with a cutaway option, though Maton has been listening to performers longer than most guitar luthiers. They understand player's needs and build the quality tools to support their music.

Traditional advanced X bracing

A forward shifting of the X braces and the shifting of scallop peaks to nodal points around the soundboard help to enhance the vibration of the top. The shifting of the X braces also allows the inclusion of a second, parallel tone bar which allows the scalloping of both tone bars, and spreads the load while reducing mass.
Adjusted bracing heights as well as a locked 15 foot radius for the arch of the back, gave Maton the plate resonance separation they look for between top and back.

Easy, comfortable "neck feel" in the palm of your hand

Maton's standard C neck profile has slightly more depth in the middle than a Taylor, with no modified-V center line hump. We have clients of all skill levels describe the Maton neck as one of the most comfortable guitars in their collection.

On the Maton 6-String SRS-70C, the standard bone nut width is 1.736" (44.1 mm) or 1-47/64th's - just 1/64th of an inch narrower than 1-3/4".  On this SRS-70C-12, the nut width is a comfortable 1.968" - 1 31/32" (50 mm). Smooth chord changes, less tiring on your hand.

Maton AP5-Pro electronics included

An incomparable workhorse for live performance, the AP5 Pro features an internal Microphone and 6-Piezo bridge input, with controls that allow for blending of both microphone and piezo levels prior to sending the actively combined signals through the well engineered pre-amp.

The highly selective cardioid microphone system allows for much greater microphone level before feedback in live environments. This upgraded AP5-Pro microphone is direct mounted to the pre-amp casing with an adjustable arm, which permits easy final tweaking of microphone position to suit the individual artist's playing style.

Using the ‘Sweep-able Mid’ controls. Mid-range is sweep-able from 600hz to 2400hz and can be cut or boosted within this range. As a general rule we start out with all settings ‘flat’ then alter them to achieve the desired tone & presence based on the venue or recording environment. For example, an open, natural sound can be achieved by setting the frequency control at 1.4khz and the boost/cut control at 5db. Alternatively, for a ‘thick’ lead sound boost your mid's by 5 db and set the frequency dial at 1.7kh.


  • Model: SRS70c
  • Body Shape: Dreadnought W/Cutaway
  • Face: "A" Grade Sitka Spruce 
  • Back and Sides: Blackwood 
  • Neck: Queensland Maple 
  • Fingerboard & Bridge: Streaky Ebony
  • Face Inlay/Rosette: Sapele Ring
  • Sound hole: 100mm
  • Bracing: Scalloped Maton X
  • Inner Binding: None
  • Outer Binding: Black
  • Scale Length: 64.77cm (25.5")
  • Headstock Veneer: Sapele/Standard
  • Fretwire: Dunlop 6260
  • Number of Frets: 21
  • Fingerboard Radius: 304.8mm (12")
  • Nut Width: 44.1mm (1.736" - 1 47/64")
  • 14th Fret: Width 55mm (2.165" - 2 11/64")
  • Fingerboard Inlays: 6mm Pearl Dots
  • Back & Sides Finish: Satin/Natural
  • Top Finish: Satin/Natural
  • Bridge Pins: Ivory ABS
  • Machine Heads: Chrome Grover Rotomatic
  • Pick guard: Tortoiseshell with Gold M
  • End Pin/Strap: Chrome
  • Nut & Saddle: Bone
  • Case: Standard Maton Hardshell Case
  • Pickup: AP5-Pro 
  • Strings: Elixir (16152 Light Gauge) Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 10-47 / 10-27
  • Serial Number: 7933