U.S. Fish & Wildlife CITES Export Permit - Mother of Pearl Shell - 16134

Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl, or nacre, is a material produced from the inner shell layer of many mollusks. Mother of pearl is strong and iridescent and is used in manufacturing a wide range of products, including buttons,
jewelry, and decorative accents on musical instruments.

Although mother of pearl is a wildlife product, it is not listed under the ESA or CITES, and may be traded
internationally without permits. However, like other wildlife shipments, commercial imports of mother of pearl must be declared to the Service and must be imported through specific ports of entry.

Visit www.fws.gov/le for more information.

As the information in this fact sheet highlights, there are a variety of laws and regulations that apply to many of the plants and wildlife used to make musical instruments. However, equipped with the necessary information, manufacturers of musical instruments can still create beautiful instruments with natural materials and sell them worldwide.

The conservation measures enacted by the U.S. Government and the international community help to ensure that these precious plant and wildlife species will flourish in their native habitats and be
around for the enjoyment of generations to come, both in the wild and as beautiful works of human created art.