Shubb S-1 Deluxe Capo ID-4957

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Shubb S-1 Deluxe Capo

When the Shubb Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. Crafted of stainless steel, the Shubb S-1 Deluxe Capo's roller mechanism provides ultimately smooth operation. The new roller further reduces wear, while adding smoothness to the opening and closing action. The roller engages in a track, ensuring precise alignment.

In 1998 the Shubb Deluxe pushed the envelope again. Many people thought that the original
Shubb could not be improved, but with the Deluxe we introduced upgrades in materials, design, geometry and ergonomics. It became the flagship product of Shubb's line. Still made in their shop in Missouri and assembled by their crew in California, as it always has been.

Crafted of solid stainless steel to resist nicks and scratches, this capo will look just as beautiful years from now as it does today.


-Stainless Steel
-Uses Shubb's patented locking action
-Restyled lever for easier opening & closing
-New roller for reduced wear

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