Slimline Pickup National Reso-Phonic ID-8513

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Slimline Pickup National Reso-Phonic

The National Slimline pickup was designed by National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc. and Villex® Electronics

This dual-coil humbucking thinline pickup, measuring .215” thick,  is designed to be affixed to the top of a guitar at the end of the fretboard.  It has a bright nickel plated finish. You can route the lead wire inside or outside of the guitar body.  The first mounting style is to affix the pickup using the provided 3M® double-stick tape and route the wire outside of the guitar to the end-pin.  This mounting technique requires no modification to your instrument.   The second mounting technique offers two options--run the lead wire through the soundhole inside the body, or drill a 1/8” hole underneath the pickup and run the wire internally.  In either case,  the lead wire is then hardwired to the provided ¼” jack that must be permanently mounted in the desired location.

This National Slimline pickup incorporates all of the best qualities of an extremely warm sounding humbucker, while still being microphonic enough to amplify the nuances of the actual resonator vibrations.  You can hear the tonal differences between a Tricone and a Single-cone set up exactly the same.

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Slimline Pickup